Carpet & Stair Cleaning

We clean all types, colors and styles of carpeting, from office or appartment grade to fine wool carpeting.   We use professional soaps and products that never discolor, shrink or damage any carpets.  Our soaps never leave any residue, we flush and rinse the carpet as we simultaneously vacuum out the soiling, leaving the carpet pile completely sanitized, soft, fresh and super clean so you and the family can roll around on the floor and have fun again.



We also remove those dark black lines along the edges and under doorways called "filtration soiling" that most cleaners won't touch.  We do, but requires using a special, proprietary emulsifying solution that costs $50.00 per gallon, then the time and effort to apply properly, allowed to dwell for 10 minutes then gently agitated with soft brush, by hand, then flushed out, neutralized and rinsed clean.


This process is labor intensive and can add up to an hour or so to each room, depending upon the severity of the problem and size of the room.  This translates into more money per room, typically from $25 to $125 (depending upon the severity of the problem and size of the room), in addition to the regular cleaning price that we quote.


The results are awesome. Your room will have a much cleaner, crisp finish to it and won't look dingy and you'll enjoy your home even more.  It's well worth the extra money.


For really severe situations, or recurring problem areas, I do offer another solution.  One that requires rolling the carpet and pad back away from the wall, then caulking the gap between the sill plate and floor to prevent future air loss and the resulting filtration soiling.  I have to inspect the area and will quote you seperately for that service.  Again this is a labor intensive job and typically requires 2 days to complete if having the carpets cleaned also. The results will be great.


If you haven't had your carpets professionally cleaned in over a year, then your due and have voided your warranty if you had one. 

By calling us you will be initiating a process that will ultimately result in super clean, fresh carpeting in your home that will make you feel like a million bucks.


When I show up, I show up with the intention of spending some time at your home to properly clean the carpeting thoroughly.  From start to finish, the results will speak for themselves.  


Upon arrival to your home on the day, I will perform an inspection and quote and will proceed with the cleaning upon your approval.  To help you budget for your cleaning, please refer to our Pricing guide for further information.


FOR OUR CITY CUSTOMERS, We operate truck mounted equipment and run hoses into your home from the truck.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you SAVE US A PARKING SPACE IN FRONT OF YOUR HOME, or within a door or two either side of your home, on the SAME SIDE of the street, otherwise we cannot do the job. Please keep in mind that the trucks are full size, extended vans that are 20' long from bumper to bumper so WILL REQUIRE A LARGER SPACE up to 25'   THANK YOU.



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All customer information is kept completely confidential & secure. Simon carpet cleaning does not sell customer info to anyone.   Occasionally we may share your info (name, address, phone) with another contractor if and when needed and with your consent and knowledge.

What's in your carpet?

Our truck mounted, cleaning machine, develops extremely high temperatures at or above 240 degrees F and high velocity vacuum pressure to remove the following from carpets and soft furnishings (if present)


General soiling

Specific soiling

Food & spills

Pet stains

Snot and Drool






Skin particles


Spiders & Flies

Hair, animal & human 

Microscopic dust mites

and their feces.

Silverfish & their feces.

Carpet beatles & their feces

Nail clippings

Sand & Grit

Other particulate matter