Furniture, Upholstery Cleaning

When was the last time your furniture was cleaned?  Do you have friends and family comming over?  Have you noticed a strange funky odor as you sit on the couch. (you will more so, if you have teens in the home) Go ahead, give it the ole sniff test.  Put your nose right up to the fabric and take a good whiff and then in bright light pat the cushions and see the amount of dust that comes off the fabric. You'll be shocked and disgusted.


These are all signs that perhaps it's time to have your soft furnishings cleaned by a professional who has been doing this for the past 23 years and seen every situation imaginable.


We clean all fabric types, all colors, all upholstered furniture from your first apartment couch in the basement to the fine, very expensive pieces in the formal living room.


We never overwet any piece and most furniture dries in a couple of hours or so (subject to conditions present)  We also perform dry vacuuming of furniture, especially in formal living room situations where the furniture is not really sat on that much and only needs to be dry vacuumed and not wet cleaned.


We understand that some pieces of furniture are very expensive, more often than not, in the thousands of dollars, so we are very careful in how we clean and what we use to clean with.  As with our carpet cleaning, we use only professional, neutral Ph7 soap solutions specifically designed for fine fabrics, that will never discolor, shrink or damage the fabric whatsoever.


You'll love the results as you and the family curl up on the super clean couch again


FOR OUR CITY CUSTOMERS, We operate truck mounted equipment and run hoses into your home from the truck.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you SAVE US A PARKING SPACE IN FRONT OF YOUR HOME, or within a door or two either side of your home, on the SAME SIDE of the street, otherwise we cannot do the job. Please keep in mind that the trucks are full size, extended vans that are 20' long from bumper to bumper so WILL REQUIRE A LARGER SPACE up to 25'   THANK YOU.




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All customer information is kept completely confidential & secure. Simon carpet cleaning does not sell customer info to anyone.   Occasionally we may share your info (name, address, phone) with another contractor if and when needed and with your consent and knowledge.

What's in your carpet?

Our truck mounted, cleaning machine, develops extremely high temperatures at or above 240 degrees F and high velocity vacuum pressure to remove the following from carpets and soft furnishings (if present)


General soiling

Specific soiling

Food & spills

Pet stains

Snot and Drool






Skin particles


Spiders & Flies

Hair, animal & human 

Microscopic dust mites

and their feces.

Silverfish & their feces.

Carpet beatles & their feces

Nail clippings

Sand & Grit

Other particulate matter