Instructions & Information after carpet & furniture cleaning







Please exercise extreme caution when walking on damp carpet, especially when stepping off onto wood or tile floor. We strongly recommend that you place a towel or mat onto the wood or tile flooring that meets damp carpet, use the towel or mat as a step off so that you can wipe your feet before proceeding further. This helps prevent slips, falls and possible injuries.


Please try to keep children from running around on damp carpet so they don’t slip and hurt themselves.


Turn up the heating system for a faster drying time in cold weather. Ideally 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Use ceiling fans and floor fans to move air.


In the case of furniture cleaning, we recommend that you flip the cushions over to dry all sides thoroughly prior to putting them back onto the couch. Pay particular attention to the piping around the edges of cushions.


We suggest not walking on damp carpeting for as long as humanly possible, although we know at times you simply have to.  Remember to place towels or mats onto wood or tile flooring that meets damp carpet, so you can wipe your feet Think safety.


NEVER place towels, sheets. mats or paper directly onto damp carpeting as this can cause staining, discoloration, and malodors by slowing down the drying process by inhibiting the free flow of air across the surface of the carpet that is vital for the drying process.


Drying time is typically from 4-6 hours under ideal conditions, sometimes less & in some instances can take up to 24 hours, depending upon the length & density of the pile, temperature, humidity and amount of airflow.  


Weather permitting, we suggest that you open a few windows, even an inch or so, to allow for better airflow & circulation & also to allow moist air to vent from the home. If you have a whole house ventilation/exhaust system, central air conditioning system and or ceiling fans, we suggest utilizing them.


We used the "Hot water extraction" method of cleaning, also known as "Steam cleaning" because of the high temperatures and high vacuum pressure generated by our high tech, truck mounted cleaning equipment.  This method is the only method of cleaning recommended by the major carpet manufacturers to validate warranties.


We sincerely hope that you are happy with the work & the results of your cleaning, if so, please consider a kind word about us to your Facebook friends or other social media or referral sites would be most welcomed & greatly appreciated.


We recommend a maintenance cleaning every 6 months or so for a cleaner indoor environment, rather than waiting 12 months or more until the carpeting becomes visibly soiled again.


High traffic areas, in some instances, may have to be retouched.  If so, we will come back with a smile and redo that area without any additional charge to you.  Please be aware that high traffic areas may have pre-exisiting fiber distortion, wear & discolorations.  This is normal for lived on  carpeting.  We can clean it thoroughly but cannot make it look like "new" again.  Buckling, ripples, tears and split seams most often can be repaired by a professional carpet installer.  Call your carpet guy or If you want our guy to quote you, please contact us. 


Sometimes, what appears to be dirt is actually an optical illusion & is caused by one or more of the following: Pile distortions, wear, discoloration, seams, blemishes & imperfections, vacuum marks, lines, furniture indentations, angle of view, lighting, shadow, reflections of surrounding color schemes. We clean thoroughly but can only clean within the realms of reality and reason and subject to conditions and circumstances present at the time of cleaning.


The working temperature of our cleaning solution is a staggering 210+ degrees Fahrenheit and hits the carpet  from an inch away at 200  to 600 PSI (depending upon the type and pile of the carpet) whereupon the soiling is dissolved, emulsified and simultaneously vacuumed out of the carpet within the hot water and soap solution out to the holding tank inside the truck.


The high temperature and vacuum pressure removes any and all of the following if present: Bacteria, viruses, germs, skin particles, hair, dust mites & their feces, Silverfish & their feces, carpet beetle’s & their feces, grit & other particulate matter that is trapped within the carpet and leaves your carpeting truly sanitized, clean and fresh.


We suggest that you wait until the carpeting is completely dry prior to replacing any other furniture and items back onto the carpeting. This will prevent stains and possible damage to either the carpet & or furniture.


If you have any questions, comments or notice any problems or a recurring stain, please don't hesitate to call or text, we will cheerfully tackle them again & try to correct any problems, should there be any, typically without any additional charges.


Thank you once again for your business. You are an appreciated and valued customer.


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What's in your carpet?

Our truck mounted, cleaning machine, develops extremely high temperatures at or above 210 degrees F and highest velocity vacuum pressure to remove the following from carpets and soft furnishings (if present)


General soiling

Specific soiling

Food & spills

Pet stains

Snot and Drool







Skin particles


Spiders & Flies

Hair, animal & human 

Microscopic dust mites

and their feces.

Silverfish & their feces.

Carpet beatles & their feces

Nail clippings

Sand & Grit

Other particulate matter