Our Services

Here is our list of services in no particular order:


Flood clean up and restoration from rain or river water, sump pump failure, burst pipes, overflows, seapage, sewer back up, condensation.


Water extraction, sanitization, stop microbial activity.


Odor elimination, no matter the source.


Insurance quality work up to or beyond industry standards, (subject to conditions present)


Structural drying and dehumidification of wet basements.


Mold & mildew  removal and clean up.


Carpet cleaning, all types, styles and colors. Fast drying time,


Filtration soiling, dark lines along the edges.  This is caused by gaps between the walls and floors where air is drawn through when heating or AC systems are turned on.  If you burn candles in the home, then your going to see more of this.  Most cleaners won't tackle this because it is very labor intensive, but we do.  We have specialized cleaning soloutions specifically designed to remove this filtration soiling.


Carpet stretching and repairs for those areas where the carpet has become loose, buckled, rippled or a seam has come apart.  Some jobs we can do, others we usually call a professional installer to come and help out on or use your own carpet guy.


Staircases cleaned to perfection, (subject to conditions present)


Pet stains treated and removed, whether Urine, Vomit or that dark spot where the dog always lays, (subject to conditions present)


Area rug cleaning, sometimes can be performed on site and in place or can take out to the shop.


Furniture, upholstery cleaning of fine fabrics on sofas, love seats, arm chairs, Ottomans, Chaise lounges, dinning room chairs.  All fabric types & colors.


High Pressure Dry Vacuuming of rooms or whole house. We vacuum behind and under everything, inside and out for a total dust free, clean house.  You won't believe how much stuff we pull out.


Ceramic tile & grout cleaning, sealing.


VCT, Vinyl composite tiles, stripped and waxed, clean and shiny just like you see at the grocery or drug stores.


Power pressure washing of: Brick, Stone, Concrete, Siding, Clapboard, Porches, Decks, Buildings, Sidewalks, Sculptures, Statues, Outdoor furniture.


Salvage and clear outs of rooms, basements, houses, barns, stores, storage lockers etc.


Specialty, one of a kind, odd jobs. 


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All customer information is kept completely confidential & secure. Simon carpet cleaning does not sell customer info to anyone.   Occasionally we may share your info (name, address, phone) with another contractor if and when needed and with your consent and knowledge.

What's in your carpet?

Our truck mount cleaning machine removes the following from carpets and soft furnishings (if present)


General soiling

Specific soiling

Food & spills

Pet stains

Snot and Drool







Skin particles


Spiders & Flies

Hair, animal & human 

Microscopic dust mites

and their feces.

Silverfish & their feces.

Carpet beatles & their feces

Nail clippings

Sand & Grit

Other particulate matter