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Simon carpet cleaning is not your average carpet cleaning company.  We are highly regarded in our field with a huge, loyal following of long time, repeat customers who care about the quality of service and of the contrator coming into their homes.


Please view some of the kind comments we receive from customers on our Testimonials and comments page


Don't compare us to the big box companies out there. We personally wouldn't use them to clean out a dog kennel.


You get what you pay for and sometimes not.  Over the years we have heard countless horror stories from customers who had a big box, national company come and clean their carpet, only to see the cleaning crew rush out of their homes in an hour or so with their money, leaving the home owner wondering if they really did clean the carpet and or furniture as well as it could have been.  


More often than not, the cleaner just skimmed the carpet with bare minimum effort just to get out of there, get the money and go to the next poor soul. Most people are often dissapointed and upset with the results even though they pay a lot of money for the service.   The carpet dries crusty, discolored and patchy and sometimes dirtier than before.


Perhaps you've had a bad experience before and are now cynical and apprehensive.  We want to assure you that this will not happen when you have us come out to clean for you.


Simon carpet & furniture cleaning service is the complete opposite to this way of doing business.  We take our time and do the job properly for the best possible results (subject to conditions present at time of cleaning)  Please read some of the kind comments we receive from our customers, then decide for yourself if you want high quality, professional work or get ripped off yet again by some other idiot company.


The longer you have neglected your carpeting and furniture, the more work it's going to take to clean and restore to acceptable condition.  Meaning more time and effort equals more money.  That's why the customers who get their items cleaned on a regular basis get the best prices.  


We charge anywhere from 40 to 85 cents per square foot depending upon level of soiling and type of carpet, especially for the level of service and effort that we put in. 


Several factors determine the actual cost: For example if the carpet is a light off white, white or cream color and is visibly soiled with spots, stains and dark traffic patterns and hasn't been cleaned in several years, then the cost is going to be on the higher side because of the extra effort and energy required to restore the carpeting to acceptable condition. 


If on the other hand your the sort of customer who cleans every four to six months then the cleaning is referred to as maintenance cleaning and is priced on the lower side.


The price can go up or down depending upon level of soiling, condition of carpet, type of carpet, thickness of pile, ease of cleaning, Length of time since last cleaning. Conditions present on the day of cleaning.  How much stuff do we have to move in the room. Pet stains, spills etc.


Have you   prepared your home for carpet cleaning ? Bottom line: IF YOU MAKE IT EASIER FOR ME TO CLEAN, I'LL MAKE IT WORTH YOUR WHILE BY GIVING YOU A BETTER PRICE.


Measure your room.  Length x width to get square footage. 


An average sized room can cost $45 to $75 or more to clean depending upon the level of soiling.  Some rooms only require a light steam clean to freshen them up, while others require quite a lot more work, like dry vacuming, pretreating to soften and loosen years of embedded dirt and debris, spot treatments, agitation and actual cleaning followed by a clean rinse.


Then there are rooms that have dark black lines along the edges called "filtration soiling" that most cleaners won't touch.  We do, but requires using a specialized solution that costs $12.00 per quart, then time and effort to apply, allowed to dwell for 5 to 10 miutes then scrubbed and rinsed. It is labor intensive but well worth the awsome results.  We will quote extra, per room for this service depending upon the severity of the filtration soiling and size of the room.


The customers who get their carpets and furnishings cleaned on a regular basis, meaning every 6 months or so get the best prices, because the items being cleaned are being "maintenance cleaned" not "heavy duty" cleaned.


Maintenance cleaning is less expensive, less time consuming and the carpeting dries a lot quicker and of course is much healthier for the occupants, especially if you have anyone in the home with respiratory issues or young children who play on the floor.


This pricing guide is to help you budget and plan your cleaning schedule.  


Actual pricing may be lower or higher depending upon size of the area, level of soiling and conditions present at time of cleaning.


When we arrive, we will inspect and quote, then obtain your OK prior to any work being started.  


Pricing is based upon level of soiling and conditions present at time of cleaning. There are steps you can take to help keep costs down, please refer to our "preparing your home for carpet & furniture cleaning" page for tips and information. 


FOR OUR CITY CUSTOMERS, We operate truck mounted equipment and run hoses into your home from the truck.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you SAVE US A PARKING SPACE IN FRONT OF YOUR HOME, or within a door or two either side of your home, on the SAME SIDE of the street, otherwise we cannot do the job. Please keep in mind that the trucks are full size, extended vans that are 20' long from bumper to bumper so WILL REQUIRE A LARGER SPACE up to 25'   THANK YOU.



Master bedroom, including closets, from $65 to $125  Average is $85 (regular cleaning)


Additional Bedrooms from $45 to $75  Average is $55 (regular cleaning)


Hallway and Landing from $45 to $75  Average is $55 (regular cleaning)


Staircase from $75 to $125  Average is $75 (regular cleaning)


We also include & perform high velocity dry vacuuming of all corners, edges, under and behind furniture for a complete clean feeling throughout.  Many other cleaners don't do this.


Area Rugs, We typically clean area rugs onsite or take to our plant for more thorough cleaning and drying.


Small kitchen mats and runners typically no charge.


Foyer entry rugs and small rugs to about 6x9.  $35 to $55 Average is $45 (regular cleaning)


Larger room size rugs from $55 to $125, average is $75 (regular cleaning)


Family rooms from $55 to $125, average is $65 (regular cleaning)


Living room and dinning rooms from $45 to $75 average is $55


Basement carpet  from $125 to about $325, depending upon the size of the area and level of soiling. Average is $175.00  This includes the staircase.


Furniture Upholstery cleaning:

Arm Chair, Recliner, high back chair, Occational chair, $35 to $55, Average is $45


2 placement Love seat $75 to $125  Average is $100


3 placement Sofa, Couch $125 to $175, Average price $150


Dinning room and kitchen chairs $10 to $30 each


Chaise lounger $55 to $85, Average is $75


Sectional sofa group, typically made up of a 3 seat couch, a 2 seat love seat and a corner seat, so in this example there are 6 placements at $45 per placement (average price per placement) equals $270 and can be as high as $425 depending upon type of fabric and level of soiling. 


Generally $45 to $55 per placement for furniture, depending upon type of fabric and level of soiling and other conditions present at time of cleaning


Our Carpet & furniture pricing is consistent, fair and comfortable.  We always go above and beyond to make it worth your while, to offer you value for your money with our services, so you'll become a life long, satisfied customer, so go ahead, call, text or email us through our contact us page to start your new, clean life.


The pricing quoted upon inspection will include everything necessary for a complete job from start to finish.  There are never any hidden added charges, never a travel charge and never any surcharges of any kind.  We will proceed upon your approval.


Generally speaking, all services are quoted and or confirmed upon inspection prior to starting the job, which may or may not be on the same day of service.  There are never any hidden added charges.





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All customer information is kept completely confidential & secure. Simon carpet cleaning does not sell customer info to anyone.   Occasionally we may share your info (name, address, phone) with another contractor if and when needed and with your consent and knowledge.

What's in your carpet?

Our truck mounted, cleaning machine, develops extremely high temperatures at or above 240 degrees F and high velocity vacuum pressure to remove the following from carpets and soft furnishings (if present)


General soiling

Specific soiling

Food & spills

Pet stains

Snot and Drool






Skin particles


Spiders & Flies

Hair, animal & human 

Microscopic dust mites

and their feces.

Silverfish & their feces.

Carpet beatles & their feces

Nail clippings

Sand & Grit

Other particulate matter